7 Fun Facts About Bowling

Bowling is probably the oldest game in modern sports. It’s history dates back to as early as 3200 BC in ancient Egypt where bowling artifacts have been found. Balls were made of materials such as grain husks which were bound in leather straps to form a compact and fairly smooth ball. Such remnants have been found and are being preserved in museums across the world. Here are some very interesting facts about bowling:

1. Bowling was once a religious ritual

In some parts of Europe such as Germany, bowling has not always been a sport. In 400 BC, bowling had a deep spiritual significance and was used as a test of faith and holiness. One was required to topple the bowling pin which was called the kegel by throwing a rounded stone as a proof of purity. Only later did it evolve to become a leisure activity or a sport.

2. There was a law to limit betting in 1325

Today, there are casinos in every town; online casinos are even more popular. However, gambling is not a present times affair. In 1325, betting on bowling games was so rampant across German cities that Berlin and Cologne put laws that limited bets on bowling to five shillings. Bowling had become so popular in Germany that in 1463, a feast was held at Frankfurt to publicly celebrate the game.

3. In England, workers were only allowed to bowl on Christmas day.

In 1500’s bowling was not a poor man’s game. The rich sought to have exclusivity in enjoying the game and laws were passed to see to that. At first, it was banned for the lower classes but later there was leniency and workers were only allowed to play on Christmas day in the presence of their master.

4. Martin Luther came up with the nine pin bowling.

There is a time when people could have as many or as few pins as they liked in their bowling game. This ranged from 3 to 17. Not only did Martin Luther father Protestantism, he also pioneered nine pin bowling.

5. U.S president Harry Truman got bowling lanes as a birthday present.

Even though Truman was not an avid bowler himself, he was honored in 1948 by bowling lanes being installed in the white house as a birthday present. They were built in the west wing of the white house but later moved to the present day location in 1955. He encouraged the white house staff to start a bowling league. He must have had a lot of fun because one day he said, “The white house is the finest prison in the world”.

6. Japan has the largest bowling center in the world.

Inazawa grand bowl located in Inazawa city, Japan holds the Guinness world record title for being the largest bowling center in the world. It was opened in 1972 and since become a tourist attraction. This center features 116 bowling wooden lanes and has a floor space measuring 17,000 square meters.

7. Bowlers love turkeys!

For many of us, turkey is synonymous with thanksgiving and the mention of it will elicit images of a mouthwatering dish of the elaborate bird served with many things and awaiting our devouring. Bowlers love turkey too but not literary. In the game, three strikes in a row is called a turkey. If you make it six, it becomes a wild turkey. The golden turkey is even more desirable because it is nine strikes in a row.