AMF Bowling World Cup

The QuibicaAMF World Cup is the largest 10 pin bowling championship in terms of participating counties in the world and is sponsored by QuibicaAMF. In most cases, participating countries hold qualifying tournaments and pick one male and one female to represent their country in the tournament. The 2016 tournament will be held from October 14-23 in Shanghai, China.

History of the Tournament

The first bowling world cup, then called the International Masters, was held in Dublin Ireland in 1965 and was only open to male bowlers at the time. In 1972, women finally got the opportunity to participate in the tournament at the 8th edition of the AMF World Cup in Hamburg, Germany. Since the tournament started in 1965, the following countries have participated in each tournament since it's inception. England, Australia, Belgium, France, the United States, Mexico, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Italy, Finland, Sweden, and Switzerland. The current champions are Wu Siu Hong (men's) and Clara Guerrero (women's.).

Format of the Tournament

The format for the tournament is as follows:

The qualifying round has 20 games and the top 24 from both divisions advance to stage 2 with the total pinfall carrying over. During stage 2, the top 24 bowlers from each division bowl 8 games. The top 8 bowlers are based off of total pinfall after the 28 games and move on to stage 3. Stage 3 consists of another 8 games in a round robin format with 30 bonus pins awarded for a win and 15 bonus pins awarded for a tie. The top 4 bowlers in each division (total pinfall + bonus pins) then advance to the semi-finals. The semi-final round consists of a one round single elimination bracket for each division. The bowlers are seeded with the number 4 seed going against the number 1 seed and the number 2 seed going against the number 3 seed. The winner from each bracket advances to the finals. The final is one game in each division with the losers being eliminated from the tournament and the winner taking home the world cup.

Other Awards

The following awards are given out at each tournament:

The Brent Peterson Country award, named for the man who ran AMF's international operations for 36 years, is awarded to the country with the best combined finish in the men's and women's divisions.

The Highest Game Award is giving to the man and woman who achieved the highest one game score of the tournament.

The Barry James Sportsman Award and Jacky Felsenstein Sportswoman Award are awarded to a male bowler and female bowler respectively, and are chosen by a vote of the participating bowlers.

How to Keep up With the Tournament

If you wish to view the tournament, it will be streamed live on YouTube and live scoring and results can be round at AMF Bowling World Cup website

With any competitive activity, placing wagers can add to the fun and excitement of the game, and bowling is no different. If you are looking for a place to get in on this action, there are online websites that allow you to do so.