Basic bowling techniques for new players

Bowling is a sport that is all inclusive and is suitable for all skill levels. A bowling ball has three holes that are drilled into it and are arranged into a triangular position. There are various types of pin bowling and the most popular ones include nine pin, ten pin, five pin, candle pin, and duck pin bowling. In ten pin bowling, the bowler throws the ball towards the ten pins that are positioned at the end of the lane. Below are some basic bowling techniques to help you learn how to bowl.

Focus on getting the right bowling position

The right bowling position usually sets the foundation of your throw. To get the right position, reach the foul line using your toes, turn and take about 5 steps towards the waiting area where you will reach a dotted row, if you are right-handed place your left foot on the left side of the middle dot and if you are left-handed place the right foot instead.

Focus on the throw

On your first throw, focus on the second arrow from the right-hand gutter. This will give you a straight line that will start from your right shoulder and cut through the arrow to the front three pins.

Focus on the release pattern

The basic release pattern is; on your first step push out your right arm, on the second let it drop back to your side, on your third step swing it forward again, then release the ball while swinging forward with your left foot. Switch these positions if you are left-handed.

Scoop the pins

Align your right shoulder with the target arrow that leads to the other remaining pins. For the 10 pin which is the rear pin on the extreme right-hand side, align your shot from the far left-hand side and target the middle arrow. Being able to scoop the pins takes experience that you can only get by practicing often. If you fail to scoop the pins on your first attempt, do not get discouraged. Take up the ball and follow the process above until you manage to scoop the pins for practice makes perfect.Perfect your throwIn order to perfect your throw, get into the habit of always a trial swing. To take a trial swing, with or without a ball in your hands go through the motions of where you intend to throw without releasing the ball until you are comfortable with the rhythm and the focus of your shot.

As a beginner, it is recommended that you start out by using light, plastic balls that have a low hook. Before you start bowling, make sure you get the right ball so you can bowl with ease and even enjoy bowling.

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