The top 5 bowling events

Bowling is a type of sport that many people play recreationally. To the common audience, however, little is known about the professional aspect of the game. Today we’d like to present you with some bowling tournaments and help you get familiar with the professional world of bowling.

Professional bowling tournaments PBA

Naturally the first thing that comes to mind is the professional bowlers’ association. The most recognised and prestige bowling association in the world. They offer a variety of tournaments, both for starting pros and real veterans of the sport.

Some of their events are even broadcasted on ESPN. As a matter of fact, the world championship kicks off on December 11th this year. These contests will make you sure you have a different view on bowling as a sport. Many do not comprehend the learning curve that is involved in bowling until they have seen one of these professional high level tournaments. We definitely recommend checking out their world championship.


The World Tenpin Bowling Championship is the most prestigious single bowling event in the world. It’s a championship that invites the best bowling players from each qualified country to have one big show-off. This is very much the world cup of bowling. Qualifying solidifies your position as one of the best if not the best bowler of your nation.

The tournament has several events including: Singles, Doubles, Trios and a Team event.

Much like the PBA world championship, this tournament is very exciting to follow and a lot of national pride goes into it.

Of course these are paid professionals that earn a lot of money and really know what they are doing. Like in every sport you can also bet on these top-class tournaments. For anyone that wishes to do so, we recommend visiting [ENTER WEBSITE URL].

Amateur bowling

Now let’s talk about amateur bowling.


Tennessee offers a wide variety of bowling tournaments. They come with different rules and different handicaps set in place. Scratch singles, handicap singles, team handicap,… you name a type of competition and they will be sure to have one available for you in the upcoming months.

Check out their calendar regularly to see what types of matches they offer at the moment. The potential winnings are variable as are the entry fees. Usually contests will have a guaranteed amount of $3 000 minimum, for anyone that can best the tournament.


Pennsylvania is also quite capable of hosting bowling tournaments. Much like in Tennessee they have all kinds of variants in terms of rulesets. Biggest difference here is that Pennsylvania often holds events specifically for women only.

Another great thing about Pennsylvania bowling is that contest prizes and entry fees have extreme ranges. You have the matches for beginners with extremely low entry fees and potential winnings under $600. All the way to competitions that pay out more than $7 500 to the winners.

European Tenpin Bowling federation

This one is borderline professional, but we’ll still rank it as an amateur tournament for now. The main reason for this is that they offer bowling contests for amateurs and professionals. The professional competitions have qualification rounds while the amateur matches do not.

Competitions take place all across Europe, making it ideally suited for all European bowling-fa

Prizes can accumulate to quite the large amount of money. Be warned however, so can the entry fees!

Bowling events take place all around the globe. Amateur contests are most likely even held at your local bowling venue. Our list contains some of the top amateur and professional tournaments in the bowling business. We hope our overview has inspired you to check out some of these prestigious events.